Bag Drop

Bag drop will be provided to runners of the Minneapolis Marathon, Relay AND Half Marathon.

We will transport bags from the start to the finish, but not to the exchange zones.

We have installed new requirements for bag drop:

  • All participants will be given a bag drop bag at packet pick-up.  It is CLEAR in color so we can see the contents inside.  
  • We discourage the use of personal bags at bag drop.  If you choose to bring your own backpack for bag drop, you will have two choices:  pour the contents of your backpack into a clear bag and then bring your backpack to your car.  Or you will be asked to open it so organizers can see what is inside.

This is just one part of security changes that have been implemented for the Minneapolis Marathon.  We thank you for your understanding in this matter.


Organizers for the Minneapolis Marathon have additional security measures in place for this event.  Please keep in mind that we are doing this to do our best to keep this race fun and exciting for all. 

  • Bag drop bags will be handed out at packet pick-up.  They will be clear in color so the contents are easy to see.  Please don't bring your own backpacks for bag drop.  If you do, and you don't want to put the contents of the bag in a clear bag, we will request that you open your bag to show us your contents before we put it in the bag drop.
  • Spectators, please limit your use of big bags as well.  They may be subject to search.
  • We ask that participants and spectators be aware and respectful of sirens and emergency vehicles that may end up on the course.  If you hear or see an emergency vehicle, please move to the side fo the road.
  • Team Ortho has other additional security measures in place at all points on the course.

Starting Your Race

The Start Line for the 2015 race is on Theodore Wirth Parkway just north of Highway 55 in Minneapolis.  Click here to see a map and directions on how to get to the start.  Please keep in mind you cannot access Theodore Wirth Parkway as it is closed to motorized traffic.  

See our Parking and Transportation page to get information on parking, shuttles or dropping off a runner.  New security measures are being put in place in bag drop.  Please see bag drop page for additional information.


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Awards will be given to the top overall male and female for the Minneapolis Marathon and half marathon plus the top male and female finisher in each age group.

Age groups are as follows:  0-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70+

  • Awards will be mailed after the times are finalized
  • If you are an overall winner, you will not be included in the age group awards
  • Relay awards go to the top overall male team, top female team and top co-ed team.

Extreme Weather Policy

During Team Ortho events there is always the potential for extreme or severe weather conditions (for example: lightning, tornado, high winds, extreme hot or cold temperatures, blizzard, etc...). Team Ortho Foundation will do as much as we can to make the experience as safe as possible.  But if there is severe weather, the race may be delayed as race officials consult public safety officers.  If there is more than a reasonable delay, or if conditions persist, race officials reserve the right  to shorten or cancel the race.  Entry fees are non-refundable.  Please check the website and your email before the race for any changes or cancellations.  If you  are already at the event, listen to the announcer about any weather changes that may occur.


Parking & Transportation


Blue represents ramps

Red represents parking lots 

Bike Parking:
The City of Minneapolis has many bike lanes for cyclists, we encourage you to ride your bike to the race. Click here for more information on locations to successfully park your bike on race day in Downtown Minneapolis.

Pace Teams

We will have pacers for both the Minneapolis Marathon and Half Marathon.  Pacers are a great resource to help runners meet their goal times.

Here is a list of the goal finish times and the pacers who will help you make it happen!  Pacers will be available at a table during packet pickup to answer any of your questions. 

Marathon Goal Finish TimeMarathon Goal PaceFirst Name
Half Marathon Goal Finish TimeHalf Marathon Goal PaceFirst Name


Thank you for running the Minneapolis Marathon, Relay and Half Marathon.

Here are your race results! To find results for the Half Marathon and Relay Participants -- Click on the word Marathon and a drop down menu will appear for you to select the Half Marathon and Relay overall results

2015 race results 

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2009 race result

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Photos for the 2016 Minneapolis Marathon will be taken by TBD! Click here to view photos from the 2015 Minneapolis Marathon

Post-Race Party

Information on our post-race party for 2016 is still being finalized.  Please check back.