Parking & Transportation

The Minneapolis Marathon, Relay and Half Marathon has several options for you to get to your vehicles whether you park at the start or the finish line (Bohemian Flats Park which is less than a mile from The Depot Renaissance Hotel).
Looking for Packet Pick-up Parking options? Click here. 

RACE DAY Parking or Shuttling to the NEW START LOCATION See Map of start line parking area

The Start Line for the Minneapolis Marathon, Relay and Half Marathon is on Theodore Wirth Parkway, just NORTH of Highway 55.  Runners have TWO OPTIONS for getting to the start on race morning:

  • Pay for parking near the start line and then we will give participants in your car a free shuttle ride back
  • Purchase a individual shuttle ticket which will take you from The Depot Renaissance Hotel in downtown Minneapolis to the Start Line.



Pre-paid, reserved parking will be available in the MA Mortenson Lot on race morning.  Mortenson is located at 700 Meadow Lane North, Minneapolis, MN 55422

You will be able to purchase your parking tickets on this webpage.  You must bring your receipt with you race morning.   The cost per car is $11.50, or $20 on race day if you do not have your printed confirmation.  What is great about this deal is all participants in the car with you will get a free shuttle ride back to your car.

Click here to purchase your parking pass for the Minneapolis Marathon

Dropping Off a Runner near the START

See Map of start line Parking area to see drop-off zone in the Mortenson lot.  Drivers dropping off runners will not be able to drop off along Highway 55 at Theodore Wirth Parkway.  They can exit from Highway 55 onto Meadow Lane North and drop off runners in that area.  Drop-off drivers will not be allowed to park in the reserved participant parking areas,  If you want to park there, you will have to pay $20 on race day if there is space available. 

RACE DAY TAKING the SHUTTLE to the START See Map of Shuttle Pick-up Location & Parking

Minneapolis Marathon shuttles are for participants only.
If you prefer to take the Shuttle to the start, that will begin rolling from the Depot Renaissance Hotel at 4:30 a.m.  The FINAL BUS leaves at 6:00 a.m. Runners MUST arrive by 5:30 a.m. for this option.  IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you arrive for a shuttle ride after 6:00 a.m. you will have to find your own transportation to the start.  Shuttle Tickets can be purchased online for $6.50 prepay or $10 on raceday.  Please also keep in mind, if you are late to the start line, you may not get your timed race.  The start line will tear down as soon as the last runner in the start corral has passed through, which we expect will be about 6:40 a.m.  

Shuttle load-in will be in their Shed on the back side of the hotel which is located on South 5th Avenue between Washington Avenue and South 2nd Street.
Click here to purchase your Shuttle pass for the Minneapolis Marathon 

RACE DAY PARKING NEAR THE FINISH: See Map of Pre & Post-Race Shuttle Pick-up Location & Parking

City of Minneapolis ramps will be open and available.  Rates are expected at $5-8.  The following ramps and lots will be available on race day.  The City Parking website will help you find these locations. 

All of these lots and ramps are conveniently located within walking distance of The Depot Renaissance Hotel and will be open. They will fill on a first-come, first-served basis so be sure to get there early for the best parking.
There is onstreet-metered parking, but they may require a fee. Check for signs on this. Team Ortho Foundation is not responsible for any parking tickets incurred by participants or volunteers during this event.

Minneapolis Marathon shuttles are for participants only. 
Start to Exchange Zone 1:
 We will have one shuttle bus going back and forth between the start area parking and Lowry at Exchange Zone 1.  This shuttle will help Leg 2 runners who go from the start to the first exchange.  Please look for this shuttle in the shuttle drop off zone near parking. 

Exchange Zone 1 (at Lowry and Marshall):  Leg 1 runs to this location and Leg 2 runs from this location to Exchange Zone 2.  Shuttles will take Leg 2 runners to Exchange Zone 1 and return Leg 1 runners back to The Depot Renaissance Hotel.

Exchange Zone 2 (just south of Bohemian Flats Park finish area): Leg 2 runs to this location at Exchange Zone 2.  Leg 3 will be there for the handoff and will begin running to Exchange Zone 3.  

Exchange Zone 3 (Near 50th and Minnehaha down the Parkway):  Leg 3 runs to this location at Exchange Zone 3.  Leg 4 will be there for the handoff and will begin running to Finish Line.  This area is accessable via Light Rail Transit.  There is also on-street parking on the west side of Minnehaha.  Light Rail goes along the second half of the marathon course.  If you are doing the relay you may want to consider taking the Light Rail for Exchange Zone 3 (exchange 1 has a shuttle and exchange 2 is walkable from the start to Bohemian Flats). The LRT stop near the exchange zones is the  50th Street/Minnehaha Park Station.  The LRT stop closest to the Finish/start is the  Downtown-East Metrodome Station.   Click here to see the LRT Schedule.   You must click "Sunday"  to see the weekend schedule, this way you can be sure to get to the exchange zone in time. You have three options for getting to and from exchange zone 3:

  • Option 1: Proceed to the Government Plaza LRT station. Take LRT towards MOA (or south) for 7 stops. Exit LRT at 50th Street. Estimated time on train is 15 min. $1.75 includes a 2.5-hour transfer period. (Closer to Depot)
  • Option 2: Proceed to the Metrodome LRT station. Take LRT towards MOA (or south) 6 stops. Exit LRT at 50th Street. Estimated time on train is 13 min. $1.75 includes a 2.5-hour transfer period. (Closer to Bohemian Flats Park)
  • Option 3: Leg 4 can drive and park in the neighborhoods near 50th street since your start and end points are both located here.  Leg 3 can drive the car back to the city lots near the finish.
  • Coming from Exchange Zone 3, you would take the Light Rail from 50th Street to the Downtown East/Metrodome LRT Station which is closest to the finish line at Bohemian Flats Park.

Spectators:  You can easily take Light Rail Transit to get down the second half of the Marathon route.  We recommend this for our spectators and the latter half of the marathon relay (see next bullet point) Use the stop at the  Downtown East/Metrodome StationClick here to see LRT map

Bike Parking:
The City of Minneapolis has many bike lanes for cyclists, we encourage you to ride your bike to the race. Click here for more information on locations to successfully park your bike on race day in Downtown Minneapolis.

Post-Race Shuttles:

Shuttle buses will be positioned at the River Parkway Place Building (Address:  1101 West River Parkway, Minneapolis) at the corner of West River Parkway and 11th Avenue South (Pictured on right side of this map).   The shuttles will take participants to the Depot Renaissance Hotel and the Mortenson Lot free of charge.  Again these shuttles are for runners only and end at 1:00 p.m.