Organizers for the Minneapolis Marathon have additional security measures in place for this event.  Please keep in mind that we are doing this to do our best to keep this race fun and exciting for all. 

  • Bag drop bags will be handed out at packet pick-up.  They will be clear in color so the contents are easy to see.  Please don't bring your own backpacks for bag drop.  If you do, and you don't want to put the contents of the bag in a clear bag, we will request that you open your bag to show us your contents before we put it in the bag drop.
  • Spectators, please limit your use of big bags as well.  They may be subject to search.
  • We ask that participants and spectators be aware and respectful of sirens and emergency vehicles that may end up on the course.  If you hear or see an emergency vehicle, please move to the side fo the road.
  • Team Ortho has other additional security measures in place at all points on the course.