Relay Info

Gather your friends, family or coworkers together and make the Minneapolis Mararthon a team event. You can create teams of 2, 3 or 4 people. There will be 3 exchange zones on the course where you will meet your teammates and exchange your team timing chip from one ankle to the other (must go on left ankle).  

Race day is Sunday, May 31, 2015.

Specific relay info on what to expect and where the exchange zones are, click here.

4 easy steps for the Minneapolis Marathon Relay

Step 1: Create a team of family, friends, co-workers that want to have fun and work together to accomplish a marathon.

Step 2: Come up with a fun team name to register with

Step 3: Register all of you teammates and mark your calendars. When you register you will be given a choice to either create a new team or join a team. If you are the first to register for your team create a name then tell your teammates to register under that name. The order of your team does not matter when signing up. You will fill this information in when you pick up your packet on June 1.

Step 4: Start training for this fun event. Decide who will do each leg of the course. The order of your team does not matter when signing up. You will need to decide the final order when you pick up your packet at packet pick up on June 1. Only one team member will receive a chip. If you get your packet on June 1 and don't have a chip, check with your team mates, one of them likely has it.

Relay Information

There is a 6-hour time limit.  Your team must keep a 13:44 minute per mile pace.

  • Leg 1 - Start Location at Theodore Wirth Parkway just north of Highway 55. Relay starts with the Marathon at 6:30 a.m. Runs approximately 8.2 miles to exchange zone 1 at the intersection of Marshall Street and Lowry Avenue.
  • Leg 2 - Meets Leg 1 at exchange zone 1 at Marshall and Lowry and exchanges the team timing chip to runner's left ankle. Leg 2 runs approximately 5.1 miles to exchange zone 2 just after Bohemian Flats Park and exchanges team timing chip to Leg 3 left ankle (see photo at right).
  • Leg 3 - Will meet Leg 2 at exchange zone 2 located just past Bohemian Flats Park on West River Parkway under the Washington Avenue Bridge. Leg 3's run is approximately 5.9 miles.
  • Leg 4 - Will meet Leg 3 at exchange zone 3 located near 54th and Minnehaha Ave. The final run is approximately 7 miles.

Getting to your Relay Start Location/Exchange Zone:

Leg 1 Starts at Theodore Wirth Park and can drive to the start, run the first leg, then take a shuttle from the exchange zone 1 back to the Depot Renaissance Hotel. Leg 1 runners can then head to Exchange Zone 2 to meet their team-mates and hang out at Bohemain Flats post-race party until the finish. This is a walkable distance from the hotel. Shuttles taking runners back to Mortenson lot (the start) will begin at 8:30 a.m.

Leg 2 runner can take the shuttle from The Depot Renaissance Hotel to the Marshall/Lowry Exchange Zone 1. Shuttles for this area will run from 6:15-6:30 a.m. This runner can also park in the neighborhood, but then is responsible for getting back to his or her own car later in the day.
Light Rail goes along the final half of the course route and is avaliable for runners ending leg 3 and leg 4 runners getting to the exchange zone.

Leg 3 will start running at Exchange Zone 2 near Bohemain Flats Park. This is walkable from the suggestsed city parking areas downtown or from The Depot Renaissance Hotel. Leg 3 will want to consider taking the Light Rail from the 50th Street/Minnehaha Park Station back toward the Finish Line or city parking ramps. The Downtown-East Metrodome Station is the best location to get off at if you want to be near the finish or the suggested downtown ramps. Click here to see the LRT Schedule. You must click "Sunday" to see the weekend schedule, this way you can be sure to get to the exchange zone in time.
If you would like to drive to exchange zone 3, there is neighborhood parking.Click here for directions to the general area.

More General Information on the Relay

  • Choose your relay team: 2, 3, or 4 participants! 
  • There will be water, food, medical tents and finisher medals at each exchange zone. (Bag drops will only be available at start and finish lines and not at exchange zones.)
  • Look for the RELAY flags to find the exchange zones.  
  • Must do handoff of team timing chip only at official exchange areas (timing chip must be worn on the left ankle);  Approximate Distances: 1st. Leg: 8.2 miles, 2nd Leg 5.1 miles, 3rd Leg 5.9 miles, 4th Leg 7.0 miles
  • All participants in your relay get a men's or women's cut t-shirt and a finisher's medal!
  • Chip Timing. Your team will have one chip that they will wear around their left ankle and exchange it from one runner to another off to the side in designated exchange zones. 
  • The Relay timing chip and ankle strap will be included in the Race Packet for team member “A”. You will need to coordinate getting the timing chip and ankle strap to the team member who will be running the first leg of the Relay.
  • Each team member is identified by an individual letter next to your team number (A, B, C, or D). This is for safety reasons, and allows our course personnel to quickly and accurately identify individuals in emergency situations. This letter does not correspond with any particular leg of the Relay. You DO NOT need to report to us which leg of the Relay each team member is running. 
  • No strollers or dogs allowed 
  • There is a 6-hour time limit.  Your team must keep a 13:44 minute per mile pace.