Thank you for supporting the Minneapolis Marathon!  We thank you for coming out and cheering on our runners!

Please note, the shuttle service provided to our runners is only for participants.  Spectators are not allowed on the shuttles.

We suggest you follow your runner at a few of the locations below:

  • Spectators at the Start:  If you park in the Reserved Mortenson Lot and only plan to watch your runner start, you will be charged $10 on race day.  It is our recommendation instead to see them early in the race along the Parkway near Theodore Wirth Parkway/Victory Memorial Drive:  The course runs on Theo Wirth and Victory Memorial Drive.  You can get near the course by coming in from the east or Minneapolis side of those roads.  There is neighborhood parking and you can see your runner at approximately miles 2-3.  
  • Lowry Avenue and Marshall Street.  This is Exchange Zone 1 for the relay.  There is onstreet parking and easy access to cheer on runners here.  This is approximately 7.5 miles into the race.
  • Lake Street Bridge at West River Parkway/Road: Get a bird’s-eye view of the race from the bridge overlooking West River Parkway. This location is very easy to access by car. You will be able to watch as runners go past Miles 16 and 23.5.
  • Minnehaha Falls: This is an easy location to reach via Hiawatha Avenue/Highway 55.  You will have an opportunity to see your marathoner go by twice in this location: at approximately Mile 18.5 and Mile 20.5.

Click here to download the course map.